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Thiết bị làm mát SMC 2

Thermo-dryer With air temperature adjustment function IDHx


Series/CAD Air flow capacity m3/h (ANR) Outlet air temperature adjustment range Outlet air set
pressure range
Outlet air
control method
IDHx4 100 to 500 15 to 30℃ 0.15 to
0.85 MPa
±0.1 Heater operation
PID control
IDHx6 200 to 800

Stable supply of temperature and pressure controlled dry clean air.

Possible to supply compressed air with the same conditions and quality regardless of the season.

Application example:

Supplying compressed air with constant conditions to air bearings mounted on the tool.

Built-in filter

Nominal filtration: 0.01μm(99.9% filtration efficiency)
Outlet oil mist concentration: Max. 0.01 mg/m3(ANR)
Outlet cleanliness: Particles of 0.3 μm or more: 3.5 particles/L (ANR) or less

Power supply available all over the world

Single-phase 100VAC, 200VAC, 230VAC (50/60 Hz)


Heatless Air Dryer ID


Series/CAD Outlet flow L/min (ANR) Inlet flow L/min (ANR)
ID 80 to 780 100 to 975

Supply dry air with a low dew point below -30ºC.

Compact and lightweight without a heater or an electric control board.

Possible to check the outlet dew point with the indicator. (Selfregenerative style allows for easy maintenance.)


Membrane Air Dryer IDGxA


Series/CAD Outlet flow L/min (ANR) Standard dew point (ºC )
IDG30A, 50A 300, 500 -20
IDG30HA, 50HA 300, 500 -15
IDG30LA, 50LA 75, 110 -40

Energy saving design

Running cost reduced by 31%. (compared with existing models)


Power supply not required.

Compatible with low dew points


Membrane Air Dryer IDG


Series/CAD Outlet flow L/min (ANR) Standard dew point (ºC )
IDG1 to 100 10 to 1000 -20
IDG3H to 100H 25 to 1000 -15
IDG30L to 100L 75 to 300 -40
IDG60S to 100S 50 to 150 -60


Power supply not required

Compatible with low dew points.

No vibration or heat discharge.

With a dew point indicator.


Moisture Control Tube IDK


Series/CAD O.D./I.D. (mm) Effective length (mm) Applicable fittings
IDK02 2/1.2 100
IDK04 4/2.5
IDK06 6/4
  • Prevents condensation in piping for small cylinders/air grippers.
  • Diffuses water vapor in the piping to the outside.
  • All you have to do is install the moisture control tube. Additional power supply and works are not necessary.

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